Who is Super Singh?


This is the story of an athlete who didn’t let any obstacle get in the way of his dream! He left no stone unturned to cross all impediments and emerge as a winner. He was born without hands, but, his fascination for cycling started when he saw his sister cycling in front of him as […]

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Kuppies it is- For the Love of Brownies


“Fabulous is health, happiness, home and cake.” Childhood memories are some of the most precious keepsakes to hold dear to your heart—especially as you grow up. And I feel that one of the best thing, to tie up our past- the dear sweet memories, is food. A few weeks ago I attended a birthday party […]

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Murder in the Mews- Agatha Christie


There are murder mysteries and then there is Hercule Poirot! This Belgian detective is surely AGATHA Christie’s greatest creation. Charming and not so modest about it, Hercule Poirot is known for his eccentric mannerisms. But well! He sure does manage to solve each of his cases with a dramatic twist. No wonder he has been the […]

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Promises I Keep


“Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson Our lives are filled with promises. Promises of every kind. Conditional, unconditional, unsaid, or understood. Whatever you call it they are a sort of assurance that we give to either ourselves or to another person.  My life isn’t any different. I make […]

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Joys of Monsoon Robbed?


“Hey it’s raining”, I announced to my kiddo. “It’s time to splash and have some fun, because monsoons are joyous times and makes childhood memorable. We love the smell of wet mud, and sail paper boats in water puddles. Or maybe we could play football in the rain. How about sharing that single umbrella and taking […]

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It Doesn’t Matter if Those Tiny Shoes Are Blue or Pink!


“Phir se ladki hui he!”(You have given birth to a girl again). This was the first thing I heard, when my second child was born. The duty nurse walked in and placed her by my side. I was exhausted after the long labor and was bleeding excessively. I glanced at her, all pink and tiny, when […]

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I am a married woman and…. I don’t like to cook!!!


“She caught me red handed! I had cut open the packet of instant sambar mix and was about to add a couple of spoons in water, when I noticed my mother-in-law peering from behind me. “You know how to make Sambar don’t you?” she asked. My sheepish grin gave it all away. I am a […]

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The Great Indian IIT Dream


“The mind of a child is fragile. Their emotions touch their future. Your words shape their destiny.”-Anonymous As I picked up my morning newspaper, a bunch of leaflets slipped out of its pages. Oh boy! The newspaper as it is bombards me with advertisements, and the leaflets just seem to add to the agony. As […]

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India’s Third Gender


I saw her walk across the road swaying her hips. She was dressed in a black sari that seemed to shimmer in the morning sun. As she approached my car, I pulled down my window and for a brief moment, my eyes met hers. And at that very moment, amidst the constant honking on the roads, […]

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She Was Born For The Blue Skies


They say- “Truth is stranger than fiction”. Our life can be amazing, and difficult to believe sometimes. A lot of things happen with or without any meaning, and like the butterfly effect- a chain of events happen! Take the life of Shital Mahajan. A chance meeting with her friend’s brother- an Air Force Officer, in […]

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