For Those Timeless Indian Products


India is a diverse country. Almost every region boasts of its own set of unique traditions, culture and art. Our county is loaded with gorgeous crafts, textiles and artwork- something that is loved by people the world over. Practically every holiday destination in the country is flooded with local handicrafts, where you would find tourists […]

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7 Tax Saving Strategies for Salaried Individuals

At the end of every financial year, many tax payers frantically make investments to minimize taxes, without adequate knowledge of the various available options. The Income Tax Act offers many more incentives and allowances, apart from the popular 80C, which could reduce tax liability substantially for the salaried individuals. Here are seven smart tips to […]

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Kabali Mania Grips the Nation


July 22, 2016- For many, this date would be a “self” declared national holiday. ‘Cause it’s the day when their very own Super Star, from the south of the Vindhyas, has a movie release- Kabali If you think you have experienced fanaticism, wait until you have seen a “First Day First Show” of a Rajini […]

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We Aren’t a Country of Just Snake Charmers


My family was excited. The “cousin” in the household was to wed a beautiful French damsel. The youngster had left the country to pursue his masters in the United States, and seek greener pastures in corporate America. It was here that love blossomed between the two and after a whirlwind courtship they decided to get […]

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The Life & Times of a City that was Once Bangalore


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful city called Bangalore. It was calm, peaceful and boasted of salubrious weather throughout the year. And then the unforeseen happened. The city was struck by bad governance, corruption and an uncontrolled growth of the concrete jungle. What followed is traffic jams, garbage piles at every corner and […]

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Received a Lewd Message? Speak up & Report the Matter


The Delhi police arrested a young man, for tormenting around 1500 women with obscene calls and lewd messages. It was a sadistic pleasure that had apparently stemmed out of his frustration of being rejected by women in the past. He would dial random numbers and if the call was answered by a woman, the number […]

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The Mantra Gold Coating Store- Chennai!


It surely was a great weekend in Chennai. The weather was suitable for a good round of shopping, the ever smiling people, the fragrance of the jasmine flowers wafting through the air, and the beautiful ancient temples with its line of pious devotes- Chennai never fails to cheer me. In the heart of this beautiful […]

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Grandparents- The Best Caregivers After You


What is it with us moms? For often we make plans, just to feel guilty about it at a later time. So recently a sponsored holiday trip came our way, and hubby and I were all too keen to grab the opportunity. But this also meant leaving our 6 year old for a week with […]

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Replacing those Plastics with Eco-Friendly Ones

BAsket 2

Plastics- much as it is a boon in terms of convenience and costs, it’s actually a big bane. We have them strewn across our homes. But how many of us actually stop to think about its harmful effects on our lives. For one, plastic is not biodegradable. Which means it doesn’t completely disappear when we […]

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‘Cause Prevention is Better Than Cure


“It wouldn’t have reached this stage had a preventive health check been done, detecting it early”. The oncologist said, gazing at my father’s reports. Five years back my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer. Eventually he succumbed to the disease despite the multiple surgeries, chemo sessions and hospital rounds, which did nothing but burn […]

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